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Cherry Valley Dog

Cherry Valley Dog

Type: OG Kush
THC: 25%
CBD%: 5%
Season: Winter/Spring
Notes: Cherry Valley Dog is a strain that’s a collaboration between Mean Gene from Freeborn Selection and Biovortex 

Cherry Frosting Breath

Type: Gelato/OG Hybrid
THC: 32%
CBD: 2%
Season: Fall
Notes: C Breed near the Eel River in Humboldt County by Mr D of Happy Dreams Genetics.
Smells of gas and cookies with hints of tart black cherry.


Cherry Valley Farms cannabis is grown in 100% sunlight, without any high-powered synthetic lighting.


Cherry Valley Farms is a proud member of Salmon Creek Legacy Farms.


Our farming approach implements organic, biodynamic, and regenerative cultivation techniques in an effort to produce some of the world's highest quality cannabis.