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Farm Updates

This year we began our expansion to fill in our 5,000 sq ft of canopy. Our new ~1300 sq ft space is in our native soil where our horses had been for the last 30+ years. Our horses should be happy too since we opened up more pasture which had much more grass for them to graze!

The soil in the new garden space had become mostly impacted hardpan clay but after a shallow tilling along with adding some compost and amendments we’ve reinvigorated the land.

The plants in our new native soil garden are looking great and we now realize we should’ve transitioned into native soil much earlier!


Cherry Valley Farms cannabis is grown in 100% sunlight, without any high-powered synthetic lighting.


Cherry Valley Farms is a proud member of Salmon Creek Legacy Farms.


Our farming approach implements organic, biodynamic, and regenerative cultivation techniques in an effort to produce some of the world's highest quality cannabis.